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Archives & Files Storage Palma de MallorcaFree up precious office space

Old files, documents or legal information taking up valuable space in your office?

We can provide as much secure storage space as you need for important files that you don’t need to access every day. If you need to save or keep files and don’t have the office space needed or simply prefer to use that space for other purposes ExtraSpace is the best solution for you.

ExtraSpace Self-Storage is a flexible, secure and affordable way to access the space you need. We Know it works because businesses across Mallorca including Government bodies use our services every day!

Document archiving suits any business with a need or legal requirement to archive high volumes of records. With some regulations demanding that certain documents must be stored for up to 10 years investing in a self-storage archive means that you can free up expensive office space and keep business operations at a manageable and affordable level.

If your business accumulates any documents including:- medical records, tax returns, legal documents, architectural plans, accounting and Human Resource data that must be kept safe, secure and easily accessible for any length of time. Off-site record storage is the ideal and most cost effective way to store and maintain those records.


  • To optimize the space in my office and use the archive space for other purposes.
  • Because I want my records Protected, Secure Safe and Dry.
  • Because I want to be able to access my documents 24/7/365.
  • Or simply! Because it makes sense, so come and have a look to see how ExtraSpace can work for you or your organization.


  • Government bodies
  • Blue chip Companies
  • Accountants
  • Solicitors

Sensitive information:

24Hr digital CCTV placed in strategic locations, each self-storage room has its own alarm. We have coded entry gates, perimeter fencing, smoke detectors and fire alarms to protect your things. See Access and Security.