What is self storage?

What is self storage?Self Storage is a secure dry unit/room where you store your things in your own time and collect what you want when you want, which makes for an innovative storage solution for everyone including government bodies, professionals in accountancy and law, individuals, companies, the boat & leisure industry, and the self-employed. Your Storage unit is exactly that, YOURS, it’s closed and locked with your own padlock and key and you can leave your stored items for as long or as short a period as is required.

Self Storage is an easy flexible storage solution. It works! You only pay for the space you need and the length of time you use it. Our clean, dry and secure storage units range from 1m³ lockers to large 200m² units with 11mt height ceilings. Self Storage is ideal for when you need space. It’s the perfect storage solution because you can get the right size of storage space for your needs without being tied into a long-term rental agreement.