During the first months of the year 2007 we count with the collaboration of ExtraSpace for temporary storage of furniture during a reform in our flagship store in Palma. I want to congratulate the team of ExtraSpace for the professionalism and the attention received. All contingencies that came up were resolved brilliantly. I specially want to emphasize the convenience of their service of free pick up and the possibility of using the storage facility 24 hours a day, every day, including Sundays and all holidays.

Clothing Store - C&A Modas S.L. Centro comercial

We've been renting space from ExtraSpace since spring 2008. Our experience with them has been excellent. We specially value their professional and friendly staff and their modern and conveniently located facilities.

Crew - SY Tenaz 40 mts Sailing Yacht

We have been with ExtraSpace since October 2006. We have always considered ourselves part of the family of ExtraSpace thanks to talented on site personnel, always professional but also very friendly and attentive. Being able to receive and send stock saves us from waiting for hours for couriers. Time that we make the most of dedicating it to our business.

Sport Events - Joaquin Bella International Tenis Management

The team and the facilities of ExtraSpace have greatly facilitate our work - in particular the adoption and delivery of our goods as well as generous to Büroöffnungs, and access times.

Sales Team - Novartis Farmacéutica, S.A.